Loucon Training and Retreat Center
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Kittinger Cottage - A Gift to Ministers
Mar 19, 2014
Rev. Jim Robinson, Brandenburg UMC Earlier this month, I finally got away for an overnight retreat at the Kittinger Cottage at Camp Loucon near Leitchfield, and I am so glad I did! Even though the pastor's retreat cabin has been available for bookin... Read More

See What's New for Loucon's Summer Camp
Dec 3, 2013
Check out what's New this coming summer! What’s New?  Ok, so this summer there are some changes that we believe will make camp even better!  1. NEW CAMP MODEL: Our traditional model of camp offered opportunities for 2nd-12th grader... Read More

Bishop's Camp Price Letter
Dec 3, 2013
Bishop's Note on New Pricing Model for KY Conference Camps Greetings! Grace and Peace in Jesus Christ, I am writing to share important information about our Conference summer camping ministry at Aldersgate & Loucon, specifically about changes to... Read More

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A trained Loucon instructor/certified lifeguard, employed by Loucon, is required for all groups during Loucon led outdoor or aquatic activities.