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My Daughter and the GPS
Jun 4, 2014
My daughter will turn seven in May. She is at such a great age. This age signifies she is old enough to attend summer camp, and she is so excited about the opportunity. As her dad I am also really excited about her coming to camp. You see the world ... Read More

Rabbit Tails
Jun 4, 2014
A few weeks ago I was walking out of a hotel in a metropolitan area on my way to talk about camp. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the strangest scene. A full grown rabbit ran across the parking lot. Now for camp that's a pretty familiar sight; h... Read More

We've landed on the moon, so why not camp?
Jun 4, 2014
In my role as a camp director I’m often asked to talk about the current generation. There are so many different directions that conversation can go. There is so much positive about this generation and yet there is so much pressure and so many... Read More

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