Loucon Training and Retreat Center
Explanation of the 3 tier pricing and other new changes for 2014


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Jun 4, 2014 - My Daughter and the GPS

My daughter will turn seven in May. She is at such a great age. This age signifies she is old enough to attend summer camp, and she is so excited about the opportunity. As her dad I am also really excited about her coming to camp. You see the world ... READ MORE

Jun 4, 2014 - Rabbit Tails

A few weeks ago I was walking out of a hotel in a metropolitan area on my way to talk about camp. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the strangest scene. A full grown rabbit ran across the parking lot. Now for camp that's a pretty familiar sight; h... READ MORE

Jun 4, 2014 - We've landed on the moon, so why not camp?

In my role as a camp director I’m often asked to talk about the current generation. There are so many different directions that conversation can go. There is so much positive about this generation and yet there is so much pressure and so many... READ MORE

Mar 19, 2014 - Kittinger Cottage - A Gift to Ministers

Rev. Jim Robinson, Brandenburg UMC Earlier this month, I finally got away for an overnight retreat at the Kittinger Cottage at Camp Loucon near Leitchfield, and I am so glad I did! Even though the pastor's retreat cabin has been available for bookin... READ MORE

Dec 3, 2013 - See What's New for Loucon's Summer Camp

Check out what's New this coming summer! What’s New?  Ok, so this summer there are some changes that we believe will make camp even better!  1. NEW CAMP MODEL: Our traditional model of camp offered opportunities for 2nd-12th grader... READ MORE

Dec 3, 2013 - Bishop's Camp Price Letter

Bishop's Note on New Pricing Model for KY Conference Camps Greetings! Grace and Peace in Jesus Christ, I am writing to share important information about our Conference summer camping ministry at Aldersgate & Loucon, specifically about changes to... READ MORE

Sep 12, 2013 - Loucon Wish List

Check out Loucon's Wish list at http://loucon.org/forms/uploads/loucon_wish_list_2014.pdf... READ MORE

Sep 10, 2013 - Taste

Taste Psalm 34:8- Taste and See that the Lord is good. Camp Loucon is near and dear to my heart in many ways.  It’s dear to me in ways that I can’t put into words.  It’s here that I met, dated, and married my husband.&nb... READ MORE

Sep 10, 2013 - Loucon's Kittinger Cottage Completed

Kittinger Cottage A Pastor's Retreat It is Finished! “I am so very thankful for the opportunity of renewal that is available to our ministers (lay & clergy) who so willing serve as Eucharist, broken and poured out for the glory of God.&nb... READ MORE

Sep 10, 2013 - Hold On To What You Believe

Hold On To What You Believe A Message to our campers Hello everyone! I hope that the transition from camp and summer vacation to your busy lives has gone well. I want you to know that you are missed! This summer was one of the best ... READ MORE

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