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 Online Registration is Live for Loucon’s 2021 Summer Camps!

Loucon can’t wait to welcome you back to camp! We know the past year has been a tough one, and we want to help you experience the joy that comes from community, friendships, play, outdoors, and God’s word! We hope you are prepared to have an amazing summer!

This summer, Loucon is focusing on pods or cabin groups. This model allows us to best live into what makes your Loucon experience great. It also provides the best structure for living into some of the safety precautions and best practices for camping ministry in the midst of our current reality.

While we greatly missed our campers last summer we now have the benefit of increased knowledge along with a lot of data from the camps that were in session across the country. Much of that knowledge is reflected in our information.

Below you’ll find some of the basics about our summer plans.

Camper Check-in and Drop-off Modifications:

The Cabin System - Pods

The Cleaning


This is just a small sampling of the protocols we have put in place to promote the health and wellbeing of your camper this summer. We understand that your child’s health is your highest priority. Be assured, it is ours too. Should you have any questions about our health and safety practices for the summer, please contact us at 270-242-7160 or Info@Loucon.org.

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November 20, 2020

Dear Camper Families,

I want to take a moment to update you regarding Loucon’s 2021 Summer Camp Plans and the need for early registration. Please review the following information and contact Loucon directly with your questions at 270-242-7160 or Info@Loucon.org.

Summer Camp Announcement:

Loucon is working on plans to provide summer camp! We will be offering a limited set of camps with a reduced number of campers. Registration goes live on December 1, 2020, and early registration is encouraged to ensure your camper’s spot and to help Loucon determine our summer staffing. Loucon will be changing our format to better provide a safe camp environment while limiting the potential exposure.

Early Registration is Encouraged:

Early registration will be more important than ever. The 2021 summer format will reduce the number of available camper spots by about 50%, so the earlier you register the more likely your camper can ensure they can participate as a camper at Loucon. It will also help Loucon determine how many staff to hire for the summer

Registration Fee Reduction:

Our summer camp registration fee has been lowered to $35, and we would encourage you to participate in our monthly payment plan that would have camp paid off by May. Loucon chose to keep our 2020 prices intact for 2021.

Camper Scholarships:

Loucon has been working to obtain additional scholarship funding in anticipation of greater family financial need this summer. Anyone requiring a scholarship should make their request by April 1st. The earlier the better, and all our camper registration is on a first come first serve basis.

Camps Loucon will offer Weekly:

Loucon will be offering an altered version of our Discovery Camp (3rd-4th grade campers), Adventure Camp (5th-6th grade campers), Junior High Camp (7th-8th grade campers), and Senior High (9th-12thgrade campers).

Camps Loucon will NOT offer in 2021:

Due to the vulnerability of some populations we serve, the size of some camps we offer, and logistics associated with offering certain camp sessions we will not be offering the following camps during our 2021 summer camping season; Vacation Retreat, Grandparent’s Camp, and some of our specialty Senior High camps (Great Outdoors, Creative Ministries, and our Pursuit Track camps). If things begin to look differently come the spring, Loucon may create or revive some additional offerings.

Loucon Pod System:

Loucon is planning to utilize a pod or cabin system that will allow campers to attend with friends while having limited exposure to anyone outside their pod or cabin. If one pod was exposed no other campers or staff outside of that pod would be impacted. The Loucon counselors will provide cabin supervision, activity leadership, Bible Study, Worship, and all the fun camp options. This group has an amazing opportunity to bond through the fun and faith development at Loucon.

Other Loucon Protocols:

 Loucon would also ask the most vulnerable to refrain from participation in summer camp. We do not live in a world without risks. Children and youth have been more resilient to the virus; however, for those who have compromised immune systems this virus has had deadly consequences. We want you to stay safe, and we’ll be ready for when camp is once again a great option for you!

 Thank you for choosing Loucon! We love you, we miss you, and we can’t wait to see you this summer!

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