Arrival and Departure

Camper Check-In (Arrival)

Loucon will implement a special COVID check-in protocol that allows our families to stay in their cars through the entire check-in process. We will also stagger arrival times based upon camper grades. We’ll make special accommodations for those families sending multiple campers to different age camps. Watch your email for updates; however, the current arrival times will be;

  • Senior High Campers (9th-12th graders) 2:30 PM Central Time
  • Junior High Campers (7th-8th graders) 3:30 PM Central Time
  • Adventure Campers (5th-6th graders) 4:30 PM Central Time
  • Discovery Campers (3rd-4th graders) 5:30 PM Central Time

Upon your arrival at Loucon follow the signs and the guidance of our summer staff. They’ll direct you down the path to check-in. At check-in, the Loucon staff will perform temperature checks, COVID tests (if available – we are looking into a newer non-evasive version of rapid testing).

Camper Check-Out (Departure)

On the last day of camp, follow the posted signs for your child’s camp to pick up your camper. We’ll do another drive through version where families can stay in the vehicle. Upon arrival in your camper’s area a Loucon staff member will ask your camper’s name, to verify your photo I.D., to have you sign for medications, and they’ll send for your camper. Check out is at 10:00 AM Central Time. You may arrive as early as 9:30 AM. If you need an earlier check-out please contact the office in advance.

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