Communicating with your camper 

We strongly encourage you to write your camper, either by mail or email. Many campers get notes and cards, and it can be disappointing for those who do not. This is a great way for extended family members and friends to get involved in your child’s camp experience. Please write upbeat messages! It is important to recognize that your child may have moments of homesickness and a sad letter from home may further encourage those feelings. Campers may send mail from the camp office, so pack stationary and stamps if your child is interested in writing home!

        • Snail Mail: Write the name of your child’s specific camp on the outside of the envelope in addition to your camper’s name and the camp address (i.e. Adventure 1, Jr. High 1, etc.). You may leave mail with staff during check-in or send by mail. If sending via the post office be sure to mail it BEFORE your child leaves home so it will arrive in time. You may also want to write “Day 1”, etc. on the envelope if you want them to receive the letters on a specific day. The camp address is 8044 Anneta Road, Leitchfield, KY 42754.
        • Camper-grams: You may send emails or CAMPER-Grams to your child online using a link that Loucon will provide at check-in. This is a free service. Your camper will receive printed Camper- grams once a day during mail call.
        • Phone Calls: Loucon’s office phone line, 270-242-7160, is monitored 24 hours a day during summer camp in case of family emergencies. The phone is transferred to one of the directors during the evening. We discourage calls to campers as it can interrupt the camp experience and foster homesickness. We will arrange a time for you to speak to your child if necessary. If a child is homesick, we will communicate this with you and allow you to decide if speaking with them is the best decision for your child. If you receive a call regarding homesickness please encourage your child to stay and enjoy this opportunity. The camp director may give you some guidance; however, the decision about if your child will stay at camp or not is that of the parent/guardian. Campers are not allowed to have cell phones at camp. Cell phones brought to camp will be held in the office and returned at the end of the week. This is to protect campers from outside distractions and to help them to disconnect from the world in order to connect with God and the camp community. If there is a need for your camper to call home on a regular basis please communicate with us in advance so we can discuss what’s possible.

Camper Pictures (see your camper’s experience)

The best way to watch your child’s camper experience is by utilizing the online gallery or phone app created by Loucon will provide an access code at Check-in as a reminder. You will see lots of pictures of what our campers are doing, and hopefully, you’ll see a few of your individual child through the week. Waldo utilizes facial recognition; however, that may not work as well when we are wearing masks. There will be times when we are outdoors and distanced that this technology will notify you if we submit a picture of your child. It does require you to provide a good, recent close-up picture of your camper. You may also choose to follow Loucon’s Facebook or Instagram where we’ll post a few pictures each day.

Homesickness Prevention

Although it sounds contrary to logic, do not talk about homesickness with your child prior to coming to camp. Rather, talk about how much fun they will have and set them up for success through your encouragement. If homesickness occurs, our camp staff will work with your camper and we call when appropriate. Do not suggest to your child to call home if they are homesick.

If this is your child’s first camp experience help them to know what to expect by talking with them about activities, lodging, making friends, rules, and the opportunity for spiritual growth. Encourage them to learn as much as possible and let it be known that you are excited to hear all about their experience when they return home.

Finally, pray with your camper about camp. Pray for safety and health, so they can enjoy all camp has to offer. Pray for friends who will have a positive impact on your child’s life. Pray for their counselor that they may help your child grow.

(270) 242-7160
8044 Anneta Road   |   Leitchfield, KY   |   42754