Junior High 3

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Jun 20 - Jun 25, 2021
7th-8th Grade
$315 / $385 / $455

Tracks Offered For This Camp

  • Archery Track

    For campers who enjoy archery or want to learn more about it! About 2 hours a day will be set aside to the learning and practicing of archery by a leader skilled in this area. This track is available to Jr. High Summit.

  • Art Track

    Art Track 2   Art Track 1

    For campers who feel especially creative! This track offers campers the opportunity to take craft time to the next level. As well as participating in their favorite adventure activities, campers can expect to spend about 2 hours a day working with an artist in various forms of media, learning new techniques and mastering old ones!

    No experience, just enthusiasm, required! This track has an additional cost of $50 for the cost of materials. Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Cross Country Conditioning Track

    Cross Country Track 1   Cross Country Track 2

    For campers who love to run! Campers will have time set aside daily for conditioning, training, and prep for cross country season. Led by collegiate athletes who love Camp as much as you do! Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Dance Track


    Campers interested in dance will love this track! For 2 hours a day, campers will learn and practice dance moves, ultimately learning a routine that they will perform at the end of the week for their fellow campers. This track is available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Disc Golf Track



    Whether you're experienced at the sport of disc golf or have never played but are interested in learning how, this track is sure to be a ton of fun. Campers will spend about two hours each day learning the game, techniques, and best of all playing on Loucon's brand new 9-hole disc golf course! Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit,  & Sr. High Summit.

  • Music & Worship Track
    Choir Track   Choir Track 2
    For campers who like to sing and perform! Campers can expect to spend about 3 hours a day planning, preparing, and rehearsing for a choral presentation at the end of the week, participating in their favorite adventure activities as well. Parents and fellow campers alike will be amazed by solos, duets, and choral arrangements. Available to Jr. High Summit.

  • Sports Track

    Sports Track 1   

    For campers who love to play! In addition to all traditional adventure activities, campers who choose this track will spend 2 hours a day learning and playing different sports. Specific sports are selected daily. Teamwork and good sportsmanship required! Available to Adventure Summit, Jr. High Summit, and Sr. High Summit.

  • Activities Available To This Camp

    About this Camp

    7th-8th graders seek to discover their identity in this 6 day, 5 night week of camp. Campers put their faith in action through adventure options like rappelling, climbing, ziplining, teambuilding, and low elements. The aspects of Loucon that Jr. High campers have grown to love make a return with favorites like folkdancing, crafts, messy games, campfires, and GaGa ball all on the schedule. Campers develop a servant’s heart through a work project and dining hall clean-up, all while creating bonds and memories that they’ll be talking about all summer. Campers experience a greater sense of community and a deeper relationship with Christ than ever before.

    Want more pics?

    Pictures of this camp will be available for view on Waldo Photos, Loucon's photo viewing website, once the camp begins. Campers and parents will receive information on how to access Waldo at Check-In.

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