Aug 23, 2016

Day Camp Summer 2016

Loucon started doing one week of off-campground Day Camps in 2014, and it has proved to be an amazing week of ministry each year.  This year, staffers came back to Camp Loucon, after a week of Day Camp, overwhelmed at the work that God had done in the lives of the campers who attended.

I talked to staff counselor, Brooke, who was the team leader of the fourteen staffers who led this year’s week of Day Camp.  Brooke glowed the entire time that we talked, reliving the memories of that week and still in awe of how much good God did in the lives of those campers.  This year, fourteen staff members went to West Point, Kentucky and held the camp at West Point United Methodist Church.  The pastor of the church spread the word about this camp through the school system and the neighborhood, inviting kids to attend.  Brooke said that holding a lot of the activities outdoors got the attention of other kids in the neighborhood and that they “ended the week with a lot more kids than we started with.”  The fun they were having and the spirit that was inevitable at this camp literally drew kids in.

Throughout the week, they did things like craft time (which Brooke said was a huge hit), team building games, and worships.  A popular song that was sang during worships that week was “God of this City”.  It is a song that really seemed to reveal to them that they have not been forgotten and that God is not finished with His work in West Point.

Brooke said one of the coolest parts about day camps was that the Loucon summer staffers got to help transform the culture of an entire group of kids.  She said the group was all basically friends beforehand, so after camp they are able to stay together and have this shared God-centered experience centered.  Brooke said she feels “very confident that they experienced the love of God.”  This is, above all, our goal in ministry: to show people that amazing love.

I’ll end with a quote by Jesse, an adventure staff member who was very impacted by being apart of this Day Camp experience:

            “I think to understand the potential and work of Day Camp, you have to fully understand the gravity of Camp Loucon’s work.  Every week, children decide upon life shattering actions for the sake of the kingdom and decide to serve Christ with everything.  Imagine now, the potential of a town deciding for themselves – We are to follow Christ at all costs.  Their potential impact is unlimited.  Day Camp has the potential to plant new churches or breathe life into old, all the while rising up an army of believers within a community.  It is truly incredible.”


Christina Faulls

Multimedia Intern

Camp Loucon

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