Oct 16, 2009

Through the Storm


Much of Kentucky saw the awful effects of the 2009 Ice Storm, and Loucon and its neighbors were no exception. The camp was without power for 19 days, and parts of Grayson County had no power for even longer. Food went bad, pipes were damaged, and hundreds of trees were damaged or uprooted by the weight of the ice.  

Program Director Sam Kennedy was on site when the storm hit on January 29th. 

“It was either one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, or the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered,” he said. 

Thankfully, the damage to Loucon’s buildings and challenge courses was minimal, and property damage was limited to some minor roof damage and the collapse of the carport at the Max Miller house.  

However, fallen limbs were everywhere, and nearly all of Loucon’s roads and hiking trails were impassable. Due to power outages, Loucon’s full-time staff were forced to move off-site, and the resources and time that would usually be devoted to preparation for summer camp were turned toward clean-up and repair efforts. 

It was a dark season for Loucon’s ministry. But within a week, word got out, and Loucon’s friends in the community rushed to help. 

The first of many work crews came to Loucon the Friday after the storm from several churches in the Elizabethtown district. Since then, over five hundred volunteers have come to aid Loucon, and thanks to their generous donations of time, equipment, money, and prayer, summer camp began as scheduled with no alterations to summer programming.  

For a staff committed to Sharing the Love & Message of Christ to have a setback where the focus changes and we have to cancel groups is a difficult reality. It seemed as though we were in a spiritual battle with an insurmountable obstacle facing us. Fortunately God deals with the insurmountable...All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. Then God sent his angels...some unseen, and over five hundred tangible helpers to make ministry possible. Loucon’s worst disaster was followed by one of the most amazing recoveries...because after all, LOVE WINS!”

Loucon has been overwhelmed by the love and support those volunteers have shown us! Thanks to their efforts, many obstacles to grace were removed and Christ changed lives through Loucon’s camp ministry this summer!

 Furthermore, Loucon has recently taken steps toward becoming a Red Cross Disaster Relief Shelter. In the event that another crisis strikes our state, Loucon will be there to provide housing and food for the community!

 Sadly, there’s still some clean-up work to be had around camp. Our hiking trails are badly in need of repair, and other work opportunities abound.  If you would like to bring a work crew to Loucon, please contact us at the addresses or phone numbers found on this newsletter. Thank you for all you’ve done for        Loucon, and for your continued support!


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