Sep 10, 2009

One Small Piece - by Kathy Witthuhn


I’m convinced that the smartest camper all summer was a fifth grader I met at Low Elements.  When I asked him what he learned about God, he said, “God did not intend for us to live on our own.”  I was blown away that he realized something so true, so important.  And if I had to sum up what impacted me the most from this summer, it would be just that- that we need each other. 

We started off as twenty-something kids, and over the course of the summer evolved into a family I can’t imagine my life without.  For me, the best part of this community was learning how to walk through life with each other, how to depend on each other.  We learned to rejoice with each other, when we had awesome worships with campers or got to have meaningful conversations with them.  Yet, we also learned to carry each others burdens by being super real about our struggles.   And the coolest part was seeing God work through all of us, despite our imperfections, to make Himself known.  I can think of so many campers that were impacted by their week at camp.  That impact had so little to do with us, and so much to do with God.

God definitely used camp to impact those kids, but He also used it to change me as well.  I was challenged, encouraged, and forced to grow.  Our community began to teach me how to love kids, how to serve others, and the need to continually turn my plans over to Him. 

Another smart little camper said, “We can only see one small piece of the puzzle of life, so we have to trust God because he designed and created the whole thing.”

 Camp was just that- one tiny, yet very important, piece of the puzzle for me.  Camp was a great place to serve God, and to grow as well.  But, He builds us up to send us out, so I trust He’s not done yet.  And I can’t wait to see what happens.


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