Sep 10, 2009

Serve, Love, & Learn - by Rachel Peters

 It still amazes me how God works through Loucon to impact the lives of all who come through its gates.  Whether they are campers, deans, counselors, or staff, I’m convinced you cannot leave that place without encountering the Lord in some way, big or small. 

 As a staff member this summer I truly did encounter the Lord, and in a very big way.  My favorite activity to lead at camp was the Zipline because the process included discussing what it means to completely surrender your life to Christ.  I had the opportunity to talk about how to let go and let God take over by trusting that He has the best things in store for us. 

After weeks of telling campers about these things, surrendering to the great unknown, and trusting that the Lord is taking care of us, I realized that I was not doing anything like that in my own journey.  It seemed like I knew the exact words to say to teach the campers, but a strong conviction came when I realized that I was not letting go and letting Christ take the lead in my own life.  I was still holding on to my own hopes and dreams of what I wanted my life to look like and when I wanted it all to happen, instead of relying on the Lord to prepare a way for me.  I was searching for security and assurance in career options, instead of resting in His arms of comfort and faithfulness. 

 When I finally realized this, I began to understand what it truly meant to surrender, to die to myself, and live for the Lord. 

 Now that I have embraced this and accepted by call into the ministry, I feel at complete peace and can see things falling into place.  It took God placing me in a loving and encouraging environment like Loucon in  order for me to encounter Him in a way I never had before.  Through that, He showed me a mere glimpse of what he really had in store for my life, and the new direction in which I needed to head.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity I had to serve, love, and learn this summer at Loucon.


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