Sep 10, 2009

A Re-Revelation - by Jackson Daugherty

 The task of synthesizing an entire summers worth of experience at camp into a single essay is a very difficult one. There are simply too many memories to delve into in order to cover everything worth covering. I will therefore not attempt to give a chronology of the summer but rather will recount to you the spiritual transformation that took place within me this summer, as I think that that is the thing that happened to me the summer that is most meaningful.  

Let me start off by saying that working at Camp Loucon this past summer was probably the most and one of the very few truly important things that I have ever done. The opportunity to truly change lives and be changed by other and to be constantly in an environment that is how God intended it is almost indescribable to someone who has never experienced it.  

For quite awhile I had forgotten my purpose and direction in this life and spent a good deal of this summer rediscovering it. Though I had never lost sight of Christ or my ultimate goal my daily walk with him had been lacking and I was overcome with depression and pain. This summer God finally took that pain away and renewed my spirit to be able to once again be able to serve him fully. 

For too long I had been living for myself, thinking about what I could do to further my ambitions, do what would make me feel good, but that is not the way that the Lord intended for us to live. It might work for awhile, in the short time. But in the end it’s just not enough to live for oneself; it’s just not worth it. There has to be something higher, something more meaningful and permanent then ourselves, and that is God. We were created to love and be loved by him, and anything less than that, and I mean anything, will not fulfill the heart of a man.  

Every Wednesday night at camp there is a passion play. It is put on by the staff so that the campers that have never seen the gospel portrayed can learn what it’s all about, that is why Jesus died for us and how to be saved. It is usually a very emotional experience for everyone involved and for those already saved it seems to renew our vows of faith and remind us all of what our purpose is. 

One night before presentation one of us steps forward and announces that they feel led to deliver the message that night, after the play. One night, I did. This was a very different night for me, though I feel that I am not necessarily bad at public speaking, I am not fond of it. But on this night I felt that I had no choice but to deliver the message, it was as if a voice inside my head said “you’re doing it.” Throughout the play I had a feeling that could sort of be described as anxiety, but different, I was at peace but still I could feel something moving inside of me. Whenever it came time to speak I stepped forward and delivered the gospel for the first time in my life. It was an incredible experience that changed my life. I finally listened to the message that I had been telling to the children all summer. I finally traded my sorrow for his joy and remembered that I was to live for him and not for myself. This re-revelation was amazing, I felt free for the first time in months. Whenever I spoke I felt the Holy Spirit speaking through me and his power flowing through my veins like lightning. I do not remember what I said, not because I have a bad memory, but because I was not the one saying those words, I completely let the Lord move through me that night.

That night was the climax of my summer, everything I had been working for, all the pain I had suffered through and had watched the kids seemed to suffer through seemed to dissipate. God had restored to me the joy of my salvation and I was a happy soul working for him for the rest of the summer, at least on the inside as my often stoic manner may not reveal it. That’s what a summer at Loucon is like for anyone who is curious. Mysterious, life changing, at times it’s like you’re staring eternity in the face and giving the Lord all you have and are completely surrounded by his glory. I highly recommend this ministry opportunity to others who may be interested and am very grateful that the good Lord led me to it.


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