Sep 27, 2002

Frances Gibson has retired

     After working for 41 years in a variety of jobs, Frances Gibson has retired from full time work at Loucon. Frances began working part time at Loucon in 1993 as a cook's helper. In June, 1997, she became a full-time staff secretary and will be retiring from that position.

     When recently asked about what was her most unforgettable moment, she responded: "No question about it. That would be when Spencer, my eleven year old grandson, told me about his accepting Christ into his life. Let me share with you how he told me. He bounced into the office before breakfast that Thursday morning and asked if I would have lunch with him. I said, yes of course.

     "At lunch I went to the dining hall to find Spencer, spotting him with his friends, I slowly approached. He had a glow on his face that I had never seen before. His friends were excited and informed me that he, Spencer, had something wonderful to tell me. As his friends moved back, I became aware that both Spencer and I were standing directly under the picture of Christ over the fire place.

     "Spencer turned to me and said, 'Nan Nan, I didn't know they hurt Jesus so bad before they killed him.'

     "I inquired what he meant. Looking at me with tears in his eyes he told me he had seen the Passion Play the previous night. He said, 'I really cried a lot when I prayed.'

     "He looked so happy as he told me that if he died that day, he knew he would go to heaven. We embraced and rejoiced; what a glorious feeling!"

     The next year, Spencer's younger brother Shaun found his God, and both were baptized in Jesus' Name.

     Gibson says that "so many wonderful experiences" have come her way at Loucon that she just cannot leave completely, so she plans to work part-time, "possibly in the kitchen."

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