Oct 25, 2001

Memory of Raudy Rau

Lucy Rau gave garden in memory of Raudy Rau. It is a beautifully landscaped garden at our flagpole that is planted with year-round colors. Come check it out!

·         Raudy gave much of his time and money during the last half a century that Loucon has been in existence.  He took pride in this camp and the ministry that takes place here both in the summer and during the retreat season.  Just think where Loucon would be today with-out the generosity of his father and that which he himself has shown to Camp.  Thank you Lucy for providing us a beautiful addition to the central campus of Loucon.  What a fitting memory for Raudy.

       Triumphant Entry

·         Our dear friend, The Rev. Dr. Robert Shaver went home to his Master in May of 2001.  Dr. Shaver, with his ready smile and quick wit became a dear friend to each of the Loucon staff as he "supervised" his building projects over the three years.  He gave Loucon the funds to build the Shaver Dining Hall, with the beautiful private dining room "The Ruby Room" in memory of his beloved wife, Ruby.  He also allowed Loucon to build the Ryan Office, and the all new beautiful Charles Wade Shaver Aquatic Center.

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