Nov 24, 2010

2011 Rate Increases

The last few years have been tough for many people all around the world. Each day jobs are lost and people are forced to make big decisions about how to best allocate their income. With the rising cost of food and other needs it becomes more and more difficult.

                Loucon has always worked to keep its expenses down and to keep our camper fees low. Loucon stands by our belief that the Christian camping experience is a fun, safe, and positive experience. At Loucon the Love and Message of Christ are shared in a powerful way that often helps campers make positive decisions about their faith in God and how to live a Godly life. Over the last 8 years Loucon has given approximately $21,000 per year to provide scholarships to those unable to pay the camper fees. Countless churches have also provided scholarships to their children and youth so they may have this opportunity. It has most definitely been worth it! Talk about a great investment.

                For years we have been way below the national average for the cost of coming to camp; however our program has been comparable to others. With an aging facility and increasing expenses we are going to raise our rates in 2011. Over the 2011-2012 summer camping seasons Loucon will be raising its rates to $50 per day. This rate is still well below the national average. A 5 day camp at Loucon will cost $230 in 2011 and $250 in 2012. The national average is well over $350 for a five day camp.

                The increase will allow Loucon to keep up with increasing costs. It will allow us to pay our summer staff a reasonable wage for their selfless giving. The increase will allow Loucon to offer air conditioning to all of our campers starting the summer of 2011 (with the exception of home in the woods campers). It will allow us to set aside money for upkeep of the facility and for camper scholarships.

                Loucon understands that this will be difficult for some camper families. We understand how tough it can be to get through the tough times. In an effort to offset things for our campers we have altered our camper recruitment program. For every new paid in full camper (never been to Loucon before) camper recruited a camper will have 20% of their fees paid for up to the cost of their camp. So if they recruit 5 campers they will come to camp for free. Loucon also will work to provide scholarships to those in financial need.

                Thank you for your understanding. This was a tough decision for our committee; however it will enable this ministry to continue the good work that God has called upon Loucon to provide. God is alive and well everywhere. It is just amazing how much more evident that becomes to those who come to camp at Loucon. Loucon is not a luxury item…it is truly an experience that will help children and youth connect with God in a mighty way. It is also an amazing opportunity to have fun, make new friends, to feel loved, and to know that God loves you! Thanks for your support and understanding.


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