Dec 19, 2011

Camp Stays With Us


My summer on staff at Camp Loucon was a summer that I’ll be hard pressed to put into words. I loved more, was used more, and was moved more by and for God than any other time in my life. As a first time staffer, I was vastly unprepared for the immense and awe-inspiring love that God poured out through me to the campers, and in turn, the love I received from them.

A fellow staffer said that Camp is a place where college age kids can come and feel like their faith is making a difference, a place where they can escape from the stagnation that can settle back at home. I can think of no better way to express how I felt at Camp than this. Whether it was catching a Zipline, sending from the High Ropes Swing, folk-dancing to Stevie Wonder, or my personal favorite, leading a Dangle Duo, God never ceased to amaze me at how seamlessly and effortlessly He wove himself and His love in to me, the rest of the staff, and the kids.

As I nervously stated during our Interview Weekend Retreat, I’m not sure if Camp needed me this summer, but I most certainly needed Camp. The cliché we heard all summer of course proved true; Camp doesn’t end when we leave its gates, Camp stays with us and shines brightly in a dark world. I continuously thank God for the spark he provided my light at Camp Loucon.  Not one day goes by that I don’t miss Turner Time or Staff Worships, Four Square or Capture the Flag Ball. And not a day goes by that I don’t thank the Lord for the summer full of blessings and surprises I spent at Camp Loucon.

 By Alex Garden, Summer Staff 2011

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