Dec 19, 2011

Never the Same


Before this summer, I had never been to Camp Loucon. To be honest, all I had seen or heard of the camp came from the sign that I would pass on the way to my lake house. I would usually just drive by the sign and not think anything of it.

But thankfully, during a family trip home from the lake one weekend, the sign captured my special attention. At the time, I was finishing up an internship in accounting and have been thinking and praying about my plans for the summer. I got home that day, looked up the website and even though it seemed crazy, I thought “Why not?” as I sent in an application.

All of this is now just a memory as I joyfully look back on my incredible summer as a staff member at Camp Loucon. God has shown me what it is like to jump into a new, unfamiliar situation and the exponential growth and opportunity that can come from making that one leap of faith. I built deep relationships, grew closer to God, and developed a deeper passion for serving Him. But most of all, getting to see God living within those precious campers was such a blessing. Because of them, I will never be the same.

As I finish my college career and step into a new life, I will always look back on my summer at Camp Loucon, forever changed by God’s work through one amazing summer filled with God, His people, opportunities, and experiences that I will never forget.

 By: Kelli Brewer, Summer Staff 2011

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