Dec 19, 2011

More than Memory


It’s getting to be that time of year for people like us. That time of year, where the fire we felt at camp is nothing more than a mere memory. The time, where we remember the feelings we had at camp but seem to forget the convictions that came with them. Unfortunately for people like us, God is not a feeling. He is not a rush we get when we raise our hands at church, and he is, without doubt, not a memory. For us to truly experience God the way we are made to (and  they way we were made to), we must take our convictions past the gates of camp and into the hallways of our own schools.

For example, as a boyfriend or girlfriend we make it our main priority to fall for our significant other. As Christians, that’s exactly what Christ wants for us! He desires and deserves a love that can only be found in time. To lose our balance as men and women, and to fall as children, open minded and open hearted. In fact, he was so passionate about pursuing us as his own, he left us a seven-hundred thousand-word, love letter.  Will you accept? Or allow yourself to blissfully decline. After all ignorance is bliss, but knowledge—knowledge is power.

By: Jesse Baize, Staff Worship Counselor 2011

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