Dec 19, 2011

Holy Moment


Like many of us around the Annual Conference, I have experienced many “holy moments” at Camp Loucon.  Over the past decade or so, I have had the opportunity to serve as Dean of many camps and every time witnessed God do amazing things!  My experience as Dean of one of the Jr. High Camps last summer was no exception!  As usual, Warren and his amazing staff welcomed the campers and applied spiritual lessons to the physical activities throughout the week.  We prayed, played, worshiped, climbed, zipped, repelled, danced, and swam.  God was in every bit of it!

However, where I was most touched, and saw God most at work was on one particular night when a severe thunderstorm, and then, tornado warning, forced the entire camp indoors, immediately.  My camp was in Harbin Hall, folk dancing.  I had noticed that the wind was picking up, then far off lightning and thunder.  Suddenly, a staff member came in and the music stopped, vans pulled up, and campers were immediately evacuated to a safer structure with a basement.  I was informed of the threat and assisted in getting the campers into vans in an orderly, quick and safe manner.

I was on the last van to make to Turner Lodge.  A Camp Loucon, “Holy Moment” was about to occur.  The campers had experience “weather” that week, and, knew that this situation was more serious.  They sensed, and, heard that there was potential danger.  Though every staff member, dean and counselor I saw presented a calm caring demeanor, the younger campers just seemed to know this was a more serious situation.  Some of them were very frightened.  Some of them were crying.  This is when the “Holy Moment” happened.  We were in an overcrowded hallway in the basement of Turner Lodge, with the younger campers sitting against the walls and the older campers and most adults standing in the middle of the hall.  At this moment some of the older campers began to comfort the younger children.  They poured out love, compassion and care in the form of hugs and words of reassurance.  In the midst of this beautiful scene one of the Loucon staff members began playing his guitar and, soon, the entire hallway in that basement resonated with the sound of God’s children singing confidently of God’s love and safe-keeping!

The storm passed, no one was harmed, and the tornado did not “touch-down” on Camp Loucon that evening.  But the Holy Spirit powerfully came down upon the camp that night.  I will remember and cherish this “Holy Moment” at camp the rest of my life!

 By: Rev. Eric Bryant, 2011 Loucon Dean

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