Mar 10, 2009

Ice Storm

This winter has been a difficult one for Loucon. Instead of our focus being retreats and prep for summer camp it has been divided between those things and a major storm clean-up. Grayson county was hit very hard in the storm. Power was out at Loucon for 19 days, and even longer for some parts of the county. Loucon lost food, experienced broken pipes, and some damage to the facility. It was amazing to see the hand of God protecting this ministry! Instead of trees crashing into buildings for the most part trees fell away from and around vital areas. A tree did take out the carport at Max Miller House and various trees caused minimal roof damage to a few places overall it was more amazing what did escape.

During the storm the staff on site, Benji & Sam, did an admirable job protecting families, shutting down facilities, and inviting initial work teams. Our office staff set up at a home in Adair county, transferred the phones, and operated as close to normal as possible. Our first work team came out the first Friday after the! Elizabethtown district and Christ church were ready to help get things cleaned up. Since then over 300 volunteers have come to Loucon to help with clean-up...we still have a long way to go! Let us know if you can help.

The good news is we are making steady progress, and it is our intention to be ready for summer camp. It looks like that will be realized; however it will take us right up to the start of summer camp to realize that hope. God has been faithful and the work teams have been a great blessing to Loucon. Thank you so much! We have been overwhelmed by your kindness and servant hearts. many said that they had to give back to a ministry that has blessed them and their families, a vital ministry of the conference, and what they consider to be Holy Ground! Thanks so much, keep the work teams coming, and thank you for the prayers!

This week the chipper is in full effect along with work crews loading limbs, pulling trees out of the lake, rebuilding a bridge, and making Loucon look like the place we know and love. Our zipline and other adventure activities are safe and operational...the zipline had to be rebuilt. Amazing what God has accomplished in such a short time. Loucon was able to house some of the out of state electrical workers during the relief efforts, and we hope to be better prepared for such a role in the future. If power could have been restored we could have provided housing and meals for the community. It is our hope that next time we can be help in time of need. For now, thank you so much for all of your help in our time of need!

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