Dec 03, 2013

See What's New for Loucon's Summer Camp

Check out what's New this coming summer!

What’s New?

 Ok, so this summer there are some changes that we believe will make camp even better!

 1. NEW CAMP MODEL: Our traditional model of camp offered opportunities for 2nd-12th graders during each week of our summer camping program. Loucon is still going to provide two weeks just like this; however we are revamping the rest of the summer to better serve our individual campers. We plan to have a week for 2nd-4th graders, a week for 5th-6th graders, a week for 7th-8th graders, and a week of 9th-12th graders (grades represent the grade campers would enter in the fall of 2014). This allows us to not only serve more campers it also allows us to be more intentional each week in how we serve our campers. It means we can do some cooler things! This should also make it easier for church leaders in charge of children or youth to bring their groups to Loucon as a group while still providing individuals the opportunity to sign up and attend on their own.

 2. SIGN UP FOR SPECIALTY TRACKS: If you read what’s above you might think, “but I’m a choir camper”, “I go to sports camp”, or I want a different experience. The great thing is that this option still makes that possible. It also means that those camps still exist…they are just a part of the main camp. During our week of Sr. High camp we will have several different tracks in which our campers may enroll. There will be the traditional track; however we will also offer a choir camp track, a sports track, a worship/discipleship track, and a few other options, and they can expect many of the same leaders to be there! In the future we intend to expand these options to better meet the needs of our campers.

 3. LEADERSHIP TRACK, "The Pursuit": This year Loucon is offering a leadership track for our Sr. High Campers. In addition to Loucon’s Sr. High week of camp and a Sr. High camp we will also be providing several smaller more specialized camps throughout the summer. These camps are more challenging. They are geared towards helping our sr. high campers go even deeper in their faith and to foster more intentional growth as a leader. A camper may choose to attend just one of these camps or may attend multiple leadership track camps. These camps include Alpha Camp, Leadership Camp, and Evangelism Camp. In the future we will also add a Counselor camp. All of these camps will also provide opportunities for these campers to help lead and guide some of the other campers attending camp during the same week. Each of these camps will be capped at 20 participants.

 4. DAY CAMPS: In 2014 Loucon will offer a one week Day Camp in the Columbia and in the Elizabethtown. This camp will be for children ages 4-7. It will be a safe, fun environment for children to experience genuine Christian community, have fun, and grow in their knowledge of Jesus! This is an exciting new addition to Loucon’s ministry!

 5. CHOOSE YOUR PRICE: There is a new way to choose what you pay for camp (see Loucon’s three tier price plan).

 We strive to make each year better, so there will be some new camp activities in addition to those our campers love and expect!

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