Jun 04, 2014

My Daughter and the GPS

My daughter will turn seven in May. She is at such a great age. This age signifies she is old enough to attend summer camp, and she is so excited about the opportunity.
As her dad I am also really excited about her coming to camp. You see the world is vying for my daughter's attention. Through media and marketing corporations are trying to tell my daughter what is most important and how much she needs their products in order to be happy. There are lots of activities out there vying for her attention. Some of them are really good opportunities. Some of them just represent one more thing to do, one more trip in the car. I think what I'm beginning to understand is they are not just activities or events. They are shaping my daughter. If I choose to just blindly move forward my daughter could be involved in a million things, but who would my daughter become? 
I am excited about sending my daughter to a Christian camp because I know this experience will help shape my daughter's life in a positive way. It shapes her in a way that fits with who I hope she will become. If we go back a little bit in history before the invention of the GPS there were these things called maps. If I decided to travel somewhere I would get an Atlas or a map so that I could plan out the best route to take in order to arrive at the chosen destination. Today we don't have to do that. We don't need to plan out the trip because once we are in the car we can turn on the gps and it guides us. It sounds easy, it sounds great. We've applied this to everything in our lives. The problem is that raising a child is not like turning on your gps. If you don't plan, don't think about the desired destination then you won't get there. You will find yourself just filling life with stuff. My question is where does that stuff lead? Who will my child randomly become? 
Ask yourself, what destination would you desire for your child? What is the vision that you have for their life? For me I want my child to be an intelligent, capable young woman. More importantly I desire for my daughter to be respectful, kind, and loving. Most importantly I want my daughter to have a deep relationship with God. I want my daughter to know how valuable she is and to know that she is a child of God. I want her to know that she is not random, but that God has a purpose for her life. I want my daughter to know that she is not here only to receive but rather she is here to give, to love, and to help others. The list goes on and on; however what I recognize is who I want my daughter to become doesn't just randomly occur. It means we have to choose things for our life that help her grow in this direction. It means we have to choose not participate in things that may distract from the vision. 
Now that you've thought about who you want your child to become ask yourself what experiences would help fulfill that vision. Also ask yourself what you are currently doing that may give mixed or the wrong signals all together. If it fits with the vision its the way to go. If it doesn't then say no. While my daughter ultimately gets to decide who she will become I rest better knowing that I won't leave that up to the influences of people vying to sell her the next big thing. I rest better knowing that I have a hand in helping her see what is truly important in life and providing her opportunities to experience it on her own. 
Camp is a safe place where children and youth get an opportunity to catch a glimpse of who God created them to be. It is a place for them to grow. It is a fun and exciting place. It is a place where others with a common vision will pour into my daughter's life. Take some time to plan out the trip of your child's life! 
As you make your plans for the summer of 2014, consider Camp Loucon. This is a safe, friendly environment where one can make new friends, experience genuine community, have fun, be challenged, be in nature, learn about the message of Jesus Christ, and experience God's unconditional Love! Camp Loucon is not just about fun. It is also about developing and furthering one's faith! It is about helping you to be who God created you to be. Find out more We hope you'll join us this summer! Thank you for considering Camp Loucon!

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