Jun 09, 2016

Brotherly Love

The joys of camp are often found in the little things: the sweet interactions between campers or the smiles on their face after they complete an activity with amazing courage.  This summer, we would like to write about some of these stories that depict the essence of what we strive to make our focus all about: Christ’s love. 

At Loucon, we see a lot of siblings coming to camp together, often glued to their parent’s side during check-in, then glued to their sibling’s side after the parent leaves.  Eventually the brothers and sisters find their place at camp with friends and feel comfortable without their sibling’s presence.  But sometimes we get to witness special moments where siblings rely on each other, trust each other, and make memories together.

At the beginning of this week, twin Junior High campers were getting ready to take their swim test with their group.  Morgan, an adventure staff and also a lifeguard at camp, was facilitating the test and saw what happened between this set of twins.

The brother took his test and passed it with ease (this test permits them to go into the deeper pool during swim times throughout the week).  The sister, however, was nervous and not confident about passing.  She would move up to the front of the swim test line, then go to the back because of her nervousness.  Over and over again she would almost be in the front of the line, but would move back once again. 

Eventually, she was the last person in line and the time had come to get in the pool.  Even in her nervousness, the sister decided she was going to try her hardest.  Morgan watched as the sister started off across the 3-foot section of the pool.  She would give a dysfunctional stroke and kick and kick.  However, she would lose energy, put her feet down on the pool floor, and have to start over.  Morgan said that, no matter what, the sister seemed motivated and tried her hardest. 

Her brother was close by, watching this whole process unfold, and encouraging her during the whole swim by saying, “I know you can do this!”  The sister continued to be motivated by the encouragement of her brother, and after making it across one time, she asked if her brother could swim alongside her on the swim back.  The sweet brother jumped in the pool beside his twin sister, and swam beside her across the pool, while giving encouragement the whole time.  “You can do this!” “Keep swimming!”  Phrases like this kept her moving, kept her stroking and kicking across the whole section of the pool, and she did not touch down one time!

After passing a swim test, campers get a bracelet to wear for the week, letting lifeguards know that they are allowed to swim in the deeper pool.  The twin sister received her bracelet, and with a huge smile on her face she looked at her bracelet and exclaimed, “I can swim!!!” 

A bit later, Morgan overheard a conversation the twin brother was having with Tim, a staff counselor.  Tim asked the camper what made him want to do this nice act for his sister.  He replied with something like, “This may be silly, but I was really praying that she’d make it across.”

The sweet relationship between this brother and sister inspired both Morgan and Tim.  These are the moments that shine the love of Christ in our lives: the moments of encouragement and sacrificial love.  All throughout our lives, we all should be a light to those around us, encouraging them all the way through their good times but even through times of struggle.  God made us to be in relationship with Him and to those around us.  Let us take this truth and carry it with us throughout this week – building each other up with our words and actions!



Christina Faulls

Multimedia Intern

Camp Loucon

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