Jun 26, 2016

Sons and Daughters of the King

The phrase that we are all “children of God” is a pretty well known concept.  It is taught in churches and parents tell their children that God is their Father and that they are His children.  We might know this truth, but we might not acknowledge it as we go about our days.  Lorenn, one of our adventure staff, formed a cool friendship with an adventure camper that displayed this truth throughout the week.

Lorenn met this camper at Adventure Camp’s get-to-know-you games. While talking to this adventure camper, the popular movie Princess Diaries came up.  She told the camper she reminded her of the main character in that movie (who is a princess).  The nickname “Princess” stuck, and Lorenn was calling this camper “Princess” and her other friends wanted to join in too.  There ended up being a “Queen” and a “Duchess” as well!  While they played games, they would pretend they were royalty with British accents.  It was a fun time with these campers, but Lorenn didn’t think anything profound might come out of this little game.

Throughout the week, the adventure camper would come up to Lorenn during activities and ask her what were the steps she needed to take to become a princess.  During activity rotations, the camper was exceptionally good at slingshot, so Lorenn jokingly told her that next she would need to shoot flaming arrows like the princess does in Princess Diaries. 

Later in the week, Lorenn led a hike with Adventure Camp, and the camper asked Lorenn what the next step was to becoming a princess.  Lorenn played along and explained that in the movie, the princess was in a parade.  During the parade, the princess hopped out of her carriage to see the orphans at a children’s home.  She gave them all crowns and made them feel like princes and princesses themselves!  So Lorenn said to the camper that to be more like a princess, we should make everyone feel special like that, by loving others with the love of Christ!

The camper kept in mind what Lorenn said, and throughout the day she would do random acts of kindness for people.  Later, she told Lorenn all about the good deeds she had done.  Lorenn thought that was awesome, and she reinforced the idea that it was good to show people kindness, because it is showing God’s love.

Mid-week, the staff puts on a skit we call “Presentation” that illustrates the story of Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection.  It is a powerful skit and often brings the kids to tears after watching this depiction of Jesus’s life and realizing what it means in relation to their lives.  After Presentation and during the alter call, the camper came to pray at the cross, and Lorenn came to pray with her.  After talking some and praying, Lorenn reminded her that even after camp, we can continue doing good deeds and representing Christ in our lives by showing people the love of our Heavenly Father.

During her week at Camp Loucon, this camper took on the role as princess, showing Christ’s love to the people around her and wanting to grow and transform her life.  This is not about pretending to be someone in a movie, but this is about embracing the identity of being God’s children and showing His love to everyone around us.  We are God’s sons and daughters, princes and princesses.  We are children of the Most High King!


Christina Faulls

Multimedia Intern

Camp Loucon

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