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Payment and Scholarships


Tier 1 – Church Partnerships Make Camp Possible: At this level every camper’s fee is subsidized by church partnerships, generous donors, and other year round programs. We are glad to offer Tier 1 because it makes the camp experience available to those facing financial struggles. We appreciate the generous churches and donors who make this possible!
Tier 2 – The True Cost of Camp: Tier 2  is what it currently costs to provide this ministry. Electing to pay the Tier 2 price helps cover the full cost of providing a Christian Camp experience. If you are able to pay this rate, recognize the value of camp, desire to cover your child’s expenses, and want to ensure camp has a solid financial foundation, then choose this tier.
Tier 3 – Paying it Forward: This tier is a way for you to help those in need have the same amazing Christian Camping experience you provide for your child. Tier 3 covers the cost of your camp and helps offset tier 1 camper fees and those who require full scholarships. This level is about loving your neighbor.

Please note: With the Three Tier Pricing System, you choose what you want to pay. That's it; there's no catch or hidden benefit to choosing a certain tier. The camper experience is the exact same no matter what tier is chosen.

Camper Fees & Scholarships

Loucon requires final camper fee payment by May 15th or at the time of registration if the camper is registered after May 15th.  If your church is helping to pay your camper fees please communicate this directly with the camp office, or 270-242-7160, so we can ensure we are charging you correctly.

Loucon has scholarships available for camper families experiencing hardship. Contact us if you need a link to our online scholarship application. We don’t want to turn anyone away due to financial hardship. If you need to request a scholarship click HERE.


If your church is paying a portion of your camper’s fees, please indicate this on your application when you register. If you did not indicate this on your camper’s registration form, you must contact the Loucon office directly. 

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