Packing & Preparing


What to pack:



*Middle School camps will need a set of old clothes for messy games. You might not want these back!


What NOT to pack:



Illegal Substances

Alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs are not allowed or tolerated at any time. If your camper does not abide by this rule, you will be called to pick them up. A random search of possessions may be done if the Director and Dean feel it is necessary.



Dress Code


Medication at Camp

All medication, whether prescription or over the counter, is handled by Loucon’s summer health care team. They will be present at Check-In to log medication, store it, and see that your camper receives the right amount at the correct intervals. Medication must be in its original container and prescriptions must be in the name of the child. Please only leave the amount of medication that will be needed during your camper’s stay.


Canteen money (new info for 2017!)

In addition to the three kid-friendly meals campers receive each day, they will have the option to choose something from the canteen once daily. Options will include juices and healthy snacks along with sodas, candy bars, and ice cream. In the past, parents added any amount of canteen money to their child's account and the camper chose how they'd like to spend it throughout the week. To save everyone the confusion that comes along with this system, we have moved to a canteen fee that will be the same for all campers in a camp (i.e. all Adventure campers will pay the same fee, all Discovery campers, etc.) and will include two snacks and two drinks per day for each camper. In addition to canteen time, some camps will have a pre-determined snack at another time of day. Your kids won't go hungry, we promise!

All campers will receive a t-shirt at the end of the week, but there will also be merchandise for sale at Check-In and at the end of the week at the canteen. Items include hats, sweatshirts, drawstring bags, t-shirts, photo albums, water bottles, flashlights, journals, and stuffed animals and range from $3 to $30 in price. Cash or check is the preferred method of payment for merchandise.

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