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Loucon believes it's important that pastors have a place to get away, plan, or reconnect and recharge. Whatever your need, Kittinger Cottage is available to YOU! Because we are trying to be the best stewards of the gift we have been given in Kittinger Cottage, there is a $50 suggested donation per stay (not per night, just $50 to help with utilities, upkeep, and cleaning fees). 

Loucon would like to thank The Good Samaritan Foundation, The Kittinger Family, State Street UMC, Russellville Temple UM, The Bowling Green District, The Elizabethtown District, The Owensboro District, The Louisville District, The Madisonville District, and lots of individual donors who made this dream a reality!

About Rev. Herb Kittinger

Herb Kittinger was an amazing man of God and a friend to all of us at Loucon. Upon his retirement in 1992, Herb became extremely involved in our camp/retreat ministry. He served as interim director twice, as committee chair for three years, as committee chair for eight years, and Herb was one of our biggest volunteers. H also managed to bring several volunteers from State Street UMC for New Song and various work projects. Herb managed all of this while he was the minister of visitation at State Street UMC. He was one of the kindest men I have ever met and cared for his flock dearly. He was also a mentor. We miss him daily!

The Dream

"Loucon wanted to do something to remember Herb and Maggie Kittinger. We wanted to do something that will impact the spiritual lives of our conference as Herb did throughout his ministry. We wanted to construct a cottage that will be utilized by pastors within our conference so they may have a place for Sabbath, A place for rest, reflection, repentance, silence, and study. A place where they can be renewed so they may in turn feed God's sheep.

This has been a dream of mine for some time. It is a need within our conference for pastors who are overworked and overwhelmed. And it is fitting to have such a place to honor Herb and Maggie. In my experience all they ever did was minister to and love all those around them. What an example for the rest of us. Their passing was a huge loss for this world; however this is a way to honor their memories and to impact the lives of pastors and their families in our conference.

This is an opportunity to give back to those pastors who have poured themselves into all of our lives and into all the ministries within the KAC.

I believe the Kittinger Cottage will contribute to the whole health of our pastors and their families. It provides a place to get away and retreat. A place that can be utilized for silence and solitude. It is a place where pastors can find rest and refocus. It is also a place where they can hike, spend time in God's creation and with their family.

Often Jesus took time away to retreat in order to talk with His Father. Just imagine if we follow this model. It would keep us grounded in the faith, heading in the right direction, and it would insure that we are rested and ready to tackle the great works that God has prepared for us. If the spiritual, mental and physical health of our clergy is positively impacted it will pour into the ministry. It will impact their congregations and the world!"

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