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About Serving at Camp Loucon

The Loucon Staff make ministry happen! Loucon desires that everyone who enters our gates would know God and that they would experience the abundant life that Jesus offers! The staff help us make this a reality by pointing our campers to Jesus, reaching them where they are, and helping them to grow! This special team helps to share the love and message of Jesus with our campers and guests! Along the way they build lifelong friendships and make an eternal impact on the lives of our campers, guests, and one another! We'd love to help you explore the opportunity to serve God through Loucon! Complete an application and let's see what God has in store.


Whether you're interested in working as a summer staff member, week-long volunteer, or on our Hospitality or Grounds staff, your time at Loucon will be both demanding and rewarding. With Christ at the center of every activity, task, job, or chore, the opportunities for growth are endless. Not only do staff and volunteers have the opportunity to serve and grow personally, but they also have the opportunity to grow in Christian community with one another. With a focus on service to every camper as well as to each other, it is our prayer that everyone who enters the gates of Loucon will grow in their relationship with Christ.

The following link will take you to a page where you'll complete an application. You'll have the opportunity to choose from the job listings currently available. 


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